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Aw! They are so adorable! I loved your plot line and I thought you did the characters well.
Great story!
A very good story. It was really scary and sad in the beginning and middle, but the ending made up for it!!
The first thing I loved about your story was the fact that it was really original and intense: not the usual love story, but something even deeper.
I think it was great and it kept me in the edge of my chair, nice going!
aww how sweet! and what a great twist! *applauds*
cool story.
Wow! That was great. I loved the twist in the story. Can't wait to read more of your stories.
;). ~Sylvia~
Oh! Oh ho ho! That was TOO good! I really thought that everyone but Marguerite was infected by something, and then I started panicking because I couldn't figure out what it was! Wow! That was EXCELLENT! I love "Wow." Marguerite whispered "You're strong." Perfect. Simply perfect. I hope you write another fic soon! :) :) :)
Wonderful, wonderful story. And here you said tht you didn't do 'sickness' stories well. I thought it was fabulous.