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In the aftermath, he lay with her, in his bed, breathing in the scent of her freed hair as Marguerite’s head rested against his shoulder. His hands massaged the woman’s bare back and shoulders, once again marveling at the softness of her lovely body.

Marguerite told him of her adventure, why she was so confused while in the Zanga market place, and he believed her. So many odd things had happened on the plateau. What was there not to believe?

Roxton knew she was still awake, her left hand was moving, feeling the smoothness of his slightly sweat sheened upper chest. “Marguerite, what did the other necklace look like?” he asked her.

“The one I didn’t buy Veronica?” she murmured.


“Gold chain … ornate … with small rubies and emeralds …Beautiful.” her voice was fading as sleep claimed her, “But too much for Veronica.”

But not too much for you, my love.’ Roxton thought and smiled, hearing the yearning in her voice even though she was half asleep. He could imagine the bejeweled necklace against Marguerite’s long, creamy throat. A warmth traveled from Roxton’s heart to his arms as he held her possessively. If they were back in England he would buy her a dozen such necklaces just to see her smile. God, he had never loved a woman so much in his life.

Roxton turned his head and looked to the floor, where his locked trunk rested. If the merchant thought so much of Malone’s journals, what would he do if presented with a thirty year old children’s book?

Grinning contentedly, Roxton refocused and leaned down to kiss his lady on the top of her head.

Next week they would go, once again, to the Zanga market.



August 2003



Although Marguerite Krux's silk underwear was sacrificed to make improvements on the electric fence in the alternate reality, she had barrowed a pair of comfortable undies from Alternate Veronica (presumably from her mother's collection) and wore them through out the rest of the story. Once returning to her world and the treehouse, Miss Krux was able to delve back into her own personal under garments and return the silk underwear to where it/they so rightfully belong.

Thank you.