Isabelle's Burden



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What a great story.  I hung on every word.  I was so disappointed when I got to the end and there was no chapter 2 lol.   Please, please, please need chapter 2 now!.
I love the way this story is shaping up.  Once again David has let Isabelle down.  But this time his failure will cost her dearly and hopefully make him see the light.  Can't wait to see if I'm right, lol.
I loved the first part of your new fic. Poor Isabelle, I can't believe David stood her up and she had to lay out there all night. I can't wait to see what happens next, please continue soon. There aren't nearly enough TOTSS fics.
Hi.  Good story.  Just finishing preparations for Hurricane Frances and thought I'd check the web as we may be losing power within the next 18-24 hours.  Looking forward to Part 2 (AND the end of 'Frances').  Always enjoy your stories.
Miami, FL
Your story is amazing -- I can see the action taking place before my eyes. Please continue!
So you decided to go with a TOTSS story after all eh?  Good choice!   As always, great story.  Poor Isabelle, she just deserves so much better doesn't she?  And of course David is acting like an a**!   Nothing new there lol.  Can't wait to see where your going to go with this.  I'll be looking forward to your next update. 
P.S. Funny thing is I am looking into working in horse stables myself.  Want to get out of accounting for a while & do something fun.  After reading this I may reconsider lol, just kidding!
Beckers!! That wasn't nice! [Big Grin] I hope Katy's right and you're working on part II...
Good story though - can't wait to read the next part.
What a good story. Can't wait for part 2.
I must confess I'm in the minority on this board. I am not a big fan of TOTSS. In fact if Rachel and Will werent in it, I'd never have gotten past the first episode.
I also don't read a lot of TOTSS fiction. I'd figure I'd just read a little bit of this. But once I started I couldn't stop [Smile]

two thumbs up, I say!! I can only imagine the pain, the agonizing pain, Isabelle must be in...ooohhh! please give us part 2 real soon!!!

The 'Queen of the Cliffhanger' has done it again. You just can't leave it like this. Part two is coming soon right? Ok, on to the review of what we have so far...this is exciting stuff. I just love to read your stories, especially your TOTSS stories. This one is one of the best ones yet. You never fail to capture the nature of the characters that made them so endearing on the show. Poor David, so irresponsible, but so charming. And Isabelle, a kind heart behind that protective wall and profit-minded soul that lust for just a little attention from David. Reading your stories makes it seem like the show never ended. Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to part two!
Ooh, nice story! Poor Isabelle! And I hope David feels really, really bad that he wasn't there! [Smile] Don't take too long for the next part, OK?

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