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Well I for one am thrilled that it snowballed into this. I would have been devestated if you had only made it a 6-Chapter story. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I loved it! And thank you for sending me the ep so that I could appreciate this story even more. You're the best, chica!
Angel LeeAnn
This was wonderful. And I'm so glad you managed a happy ending after all.. Thank you for writing it!
this was a wonderful story. the part when marguerite and roxton ya know, hook up and she says she can promose him one night reminded me of the eve6 song heres to the night when he sings
"So denied so I lied are you the now or never kind
In a day and a day love I'm gonna be gone for good again
Are you willing to be had are you cool with just tonight
Here's a toast to all those who hear me all too well" well just thought id share!
I was so worried about how you were going to end this and I was very suprised and happy it was wonderful and I loved it!
I love it. It was perfectly written and it got better and better with every chapter.
Of course I loved Epilogue 2, but overall, Beckers, WHAT a story! Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for writing it. :)
This was another outstanding story! I think I prefered the first epilog. It was poignant but at the same time it offered up that promise of hope that Marguerite's decendent, Katherine, would change history for the better!

I have to admit, when I first read that bit in the second epilog where everyone is watching Maruerite when she wakes up, it reminded me of the moment Dorothy wakes up in her bed at the farmhouse. That scene just flashed into my head.
Can't you just hear M saying, "There's no place like home?" :D

Thank you for giving us another of your remarkable

Cara :)
being a hopeless romantic and a sucker for a happy ending I prefer the second epilogue.
I just couldn't picture M in a sanitorium, nor Veronica off the Plateau.
Excellent story, loved every word.
Bravo! Thanks so much for writing!

In my opinion, you only post in chapter form to garner a large amount of reviews. That's not the sign of a good writer, just someone who needs constant approval. However, I notice there are only a handful of names who ever review your stories. It's not as though there are 115 different people who like it. If you were really a good writer you'd publish the entire story at one time instead of dragging it out for - how many months now - since March. PULEASE!

Hi Vlady,
Since you forgot to leave your e-mail so that I could give you a personal response I thought I'd write it here just in case you pop in again.
Actually, I started the story in March 2004 but ended up going in for surgery on my wrist in April 2004. I've been healing ever since. I've had to have many of the chapters typed for me while I struggled along with writing in pencil. Anyway, I’ve been healing ever since April.
I'm sincerely sorry to all and everyone who had to wait for the completion of this fiction since March. I had actually planned on only a six chapters but, as I went along, so many more ideas popped into my head. That’s either a good or bad thing. LOL.
Vlady, I never said I was a great or even a good writer. I do enjoy it and if only a hand full of people read my fictions and enjoy them then I think I did well. I made them happy if not everyone on fanfic.net.
Now, here's a question: Did you read "Heroine"? Did you like it? Dislike it? I never actually received a review from you -- except to say that you think I’m hoarding reviews.
I'll tell you this: I appreciate each and every one I get. It *is* a motivator and just the idea that someone would reach out like that, say a kind and/or constructive word about the fiction, means a lot. I rather love my readers because of it.
So, take care, Vlady. I hope you get a chance to actually read “Heroine” and let me know what you think of the finished product.