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I just wanted to tell you what a good story I thought this was. I am a huge Marguerite and Roxton fan and I think you captured them well--so many fanfic writers turn Marguerite into some sappy good girl-thats not who she is and you let that come through. Congrats on your wonderful talent and please dont stop writing!
-Jamie Renee
I love all the stories you write! This one was amazing!
What a great story! A great idea! A couple of times I got a little choked up. Well done! Well written!
AWESOMENESS!!!!!!! Omigoodness I loved this story. Kept me on the edge of my seat, or rather bed, the whole time. You are a very gifted writer and I can't wait for more from you.
wow!!! I just love it!!! I love the ending !!! It's just to good!!!! Really ! Please contninue and make a sequel!!!!!! Please! Please!^Pretty please!!!!
That was so good!! Loved the little reference about Destiny!!
WHOO HOO, Beckers! You finished it and it was FANTASTIC! HAHA on Ennie- conniving bi- uh, woman.... ;) I loved how you had Assai overcome her fears of being barren forever because of Ennie and had her come to rescue Marguerite. And Roxton comforting her after that happened was gorgeous. Wonderful fic! Hope you'll write more LW and TOTSS fics soon! :) :) :)
Congratulations, Beckers! A beautifully satisfying ending! It was great to see Marguerite pull herself together and stop Ennie cold, nice to have her reassured by knowing the others were coming for her, -ouch! sympathies for Assai at having to do the deed, but so glad she did! And of course, happy that BOTH couples are doing well and growing closer! :) Great story!
BECKERS!!! Bravo!!! I raise a toast to you and another one of your amazing storys! THis was truely a delight. I enjoyed every minute of it!!!
Thank you so much for writing it and posting it!
You are very talented you know!! SO please keep it up!!
We love it!!
Thanks Again This was WOnderful!!
This is Me signing out
**Awww Beckers!! You´ve outdone yourself once more!! I just read the last two chapters and absolutely loved them!! Your story really was great and you know exactly how to keep it exciting and us waiting for more. :D Loved the end ..and the foot massage cute!! Very well done! Can´t wait for another one ..TLW or TOTSS them all!!
~ Steffi :)
Beckers, what a lovely end. Though I didn't quite understand why Margeurite couldn't understand the words Ennie was chanting, since she can understand every language.
But still ... I loved this fic. You have done a very good job to it and I can't wait for the next chapters on the TOTSS fic you are working on

loved it!!! Perfect ending!!! :) Absolutely perfect! Can't wait to read more of your work... and hey, you even got me reading TOTSS fic... :) Alright...anxiously waiting for more fic from you...