Dark Hunter



Wonderful insight on Roxton evil twin. You wrote it nicely and once again good job. Eagerly awaiting more fanfiction, keep up the good work. :)
Very nicely done. A new perspective on a character that was overlooked. Fascinating study.
Whoa... That was awesome. I love this episode and it was really great how you wrote it from Roxton's dark side. Can't wait to read more of your fics. :) :) :)
That was really good, Beckers! I loved it. I've always wondered what the evil twin thought in eye for an eye and i think you wrote it very well.
Wow, that was a well done FanFiction. Really good work. It's interesting to see the event of "Eye for an Eye" through the eyes of the darker Roxton. That was a great idea.
Thanks for this wonderful FanFiction.
Beckers, awesome job. I never would have thought to use this POV, it's so creative, and you had some excellent explanations for the rather erratic behavior of the Hunter. It's always so interesting to explore that darker side of Roxton, he really is a formidable hunter. That determination, skill, and ability has to come from somewhere, and you can bet it's not from some high class English school either. Really great job. And I'm sorry if this review seems scattered, it's way past my bedtime and I'm entering Finals week!!! Hope you write some more soon, you've got a real grasp of his character and an entertaining flare of creativity when it comes to your ideas.