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Christmas Pudding


:) So adorabley beautiful! The snowflake! The pudding! The mistletoe! *grin*
Beautifully written!
A. Windsor
Absolutely wonderful! I loved how you placed Will Snow's words into the story. This was an amazing Christmas fic!
Aw!! That was so sweet! I loved it. Good plot, and dialogue, etc. It was really fun to read. Keep writing!
LOVE IT!!! oh it was awesome!! I love it!!
Oh beckers that was such a beautiful story!! I loved it how you put Will´s words into your story ....such a great idea!!
Loved the part where Marguerite went to Roxton´s room and told him all his secrets would be safe with her. Beautiful! The end was great too!! I really enjoyed reading it and hope to read more soon! :D
Steffi :)
Ahhh! Ohh! I got what I wished for my birthday! yay! A fic from Beckers! *grin*
Seriously, this was simply fabulous. It's the perfect holiday fic!
Zarah Joyce
That was simply lovely.
good writing as always! really enjoyed the part where Finn is telling how they killed the bird. another amusing phrase I thought was when M says R said he was going out to kill something. oh and another one when R says his mother was a horrible cook.
Very sweet. I think I even cried. I always enjy your writings. Keep it up!
WONDERFUL!!!! Absolutely Wonderful, Beckers!!!!! I so enjoy Christmas stories and this was def. one of the best I have read in a loooooooong while. And inspired by THE WILL SNOW chat, could it get any better!!!!!! I loved it!!!! Awesome job!!!!
Alanna :)
Beckers, that was a wonderful story. I really felt sorry for Marguerite at the beginning. And that poem ... I wonder how you came up with that :D :p.
All in all, this was the perfect Christmas Story. And now back to your TOTSS one ;-).

What can I say? This was AWESOME!!! This has to be the BEST Christmas fic I've ever read in my life!!! No kidding at all! Oh... it was so sweet... but not that nauseating sweet that gives you cavities... it's the good sweet!!! :D Loved the whole Veronica/Marguerite bonding moments! And of course, the M/R shipper moments... the Christmas pudding, the snowflake... THE POEM!!! awww... this fic left me feeling all happy-tingly feeling... :D Thank you so much for writing this!!! Merry Christmas!!!