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A friend has lent me her TOTSS tapes and I am now finally able to enjoy this marvelous series, which also enables me to read/comprehend the fanfiction. I only have 6 more episodes to watch and am terribly saddened to know that they are the last. I can't fathom why this show didn't succeed. Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. Beckers, my TLW Super Woman ;), this is such a wonderful fic! You are truly gifted. Have you ever considered publishing?

~Angel LeeAnn

Hi Beckers,
What a short but very sweet little vignette. I can imagine Isabelle fantasizing about David Grief
acting as her gallant white knight and coming to her rescue. The instant bond between them was unmistakeable!
That scene in The Locket where she is being beaten and she looks on the verge of collapse is so heartwrenching. She is so stunned when she's sees David. Deep down, I don't think she thought he was really going to come for her that's why she looks so suprised.
One of my favorite eps, thanks for adding a little
extra to it.
~Cara :)

Lovely story Beckers. You really had me going there for a moment, believeing that was really what happened in those scenes on the ship that we never got to see. But David's words had me suspicious, and I was pleased to see that you stayed true to the characters (at least how they were during that place and time) and made it a fantasy playing out in Isabelle's head. Great job!!
Aww Beckers thatīs SO sweet!! I love it! It mustīve been hard for her to endure all that ...and is there a better way to get through this than with having those nice fantasies? :D I wwish there had been a scene like that after The Locket. It wouldīve been nice to see how she got his clothes and how she probably thanked him, what he said to her and someone mustīve given her some kind of ointment. :D Her whole back mustīve hurt like hell. Too bad we didnīt get that. :D But your fantasy was really nice here. Very sweet, thanks for sharing!! :)

~Steffi :)