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Beckers E-mail

Awwww... how utterly adorable! Those... um, cookies did look horrible, didn't they? LOL about Challenger's microscope analysis! And Roxton, ever the gentleman, braving a taste, was perfect! A sweet tag on a kickass ep. Great job.
This was so cute!! It was a great idea and you pulled it off perfectly!
I love the last line,
"I really have to compliment that woman's cooking more often." he murmured.(Roxton)
I thought it was so like him!!
Keep up the great work,
Me signing out
~Evil Irish Eyes~
How very brave of Roxton to taste the cookie. They looked quite frightening, lol. Nice way to end the episode. I think after all that, Marguerite and Roxton would have had *something* to say to one another.
loved the line 'The texture seemed very *different* and that terrified him.' lol, Bravo.
Dai stiho
yay for fluff, that was very cute. keep them coming.


LOL! I have the hugest, goofiest smile on my face!!! This was perfect!! I wish this had been part of the episode!! The way everyone pretended to like the cookies was really sweet and funny (actually, while watching the episode, I was wondering what those were. I thought she was making hamburgers or something, and I was like, 'why so many??' so now I know...they were cookies...oh that's so cute!!)
The paragraph about young M and R at CUTE and SWEET! AWW!!!
Oh my gosh, I can't even tell you how perfect this was!! I'm so glad you wrote it....Tapestry really needed a scene like this....
AH! I haven't reviewed this yet?! *Whacks herself in the head* God, I feel so stupid! But anyway, great fluff fic! I loved it! *Dreamy sigh* I can just see this really happening, you know... and it accents Tapestry perfectly! Bravo, Beckers! *grin*
"I really have to compliment that woman's cooking more often."
lol... adorable fluff!
~A. Windsor~

D'oh, you beat me to it! I had one in the works called Confessions and Cookies (no kidding!) Anyway, yours is better! Good jobl. LOL about the George's "experiment." I can just imagine what must have been going through John's mind. "Hmm, do I eat the cookies made by the Black Widow of Vienna who can't cook worth a damn, or ruin my chances with her. Choices, choices!" Keep it up!
Ahhh! Beckers- this was wonderful! He really SHOULD compliment her cooking more often- even if it IS horrible!! ;) This was a great bit of fluff- exactly how I would've thught it would play out had Roxton been "forced" to try one of those cookies. Great job. :) :) :)
LOL! Very cute, nice M/R closure to the ep. I feel as if the ep was kind of rushed in a way, and they didn't really close everything up, they just kind of left it. Like wouldn't Roxton talk to Marguerite after all that had happened? Wouldn't SOMETHING happen? Argh...Anyway, really cute this fic, though...and those cookies- lol!
This was a perfect addition to the episode, Beckers! I love the part about Avebury and
the idea that the name 'Parsifal' had a added
significance for Marguerite. And those
cookies! LOL! Thanks for an amusing read!
You're stories are always a delight!
Now that's how it should have ended
Great stuff.